Benchwheel Electric Skateboard Modifications

The Benchwheel electric skateboard in my opinion is one of the best electric skateboards available relative to its cost.

The dual motor version will go 20mph+ and has a range of about 12 miles or 20km with 6S 4P 18650 2200mah batteries, and with 2x1800w 270kv motors it has impressive acceleration, it also uses a sinusoidal speed controller, which means the sensorless motors still have great starting torque.

Check out this review from eskateboardreviews for more info on the board itself

Where I got mine?

I bought one in August 2016 from an eBay seller for £470 delivered, which as of August 2016 is $613.

The Benchwheel design is a little unusual, the trucks are mounted to a large aluminium extrusion - this houses the batteries and electronics.

This means that the ride height is high, and just a little too high for me, so I modified the board to make it lower.


To make the height lower, I repositioned the trucks further out, squeezed the electrics and batteries so they fitted in tighter, and cut off pieces of the aluminium housing.
I've created a crude image to show approximately what I did:



So the ride height is now about an inch lower, which makes it feel much more like a regular longboard.

I replaced the grip tape, and removed a small section where the handle is.

The ride height is still more than far enough off the ground as to not scrape the aluminium housing - even when going down kerbs.

I also have a mini electric longboard that's good for messing around, it has a hub motor, which allows it to be used like a normal skateboard.

If anyone wants to know a bit more about how I did this modification or wants a full write-up please leave a comment or get in touch.

Robert Parker

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